Convert your service lane into a sales goldmine with our proprietary
service-to-sales software.

Instantly Identify service-to-sales opportunities

The Servisell Advantage

Crush sales goals

Know exactly who your most-likely-to-upgrade customers are so you can get them into a new car and a better deal.

Win Conquest Customers

Take customers from your competition by knowing exactly who to approach and what to offer.

Generate customer loyalty

Transform their routine maintenance appointment into a better deal and a better ride.

Slash your acquisition costs

Skip the auctions and stock your used inventory with high-quality, pre-vetted trade-ins.

Servisell’s patent-pending technology combines the power and accuracy of TransUnion prescreen credit information with NADA vehicle data to perform real-time analysis on both loyalty and conquest service customers in the service lane in order to provide highly qualified leads to the sales team.

First-Hand frustrations drove us to solve a need

Our story

We developed Servisell to fill the void found in most auto dealerships: service lanes everywhere are watching highly qualified vehicle upgrade candidates come and go through their service lanes instead of using these routine appointments as an opportunity to bring quality trade-in vehicles into their inventory and send their newer models out with happily-upgraded customers. 


Most dealerships don’t have an upgrade department, and those that do almost entirely rely on the outdated data produced from various “data-mining” or “equity-mining” software tools—products that leave gaping holes in the live data on potential conquest customers waiting in the lobby. Others use no data at all, randomly and blindly approaching various customers to ask if they’d like to upgrade their vehicle, an approach that yields many unqualified buyers and dead ends, annoying customers and discouraging salespeople. 


Research shows that in every single service lane, every single day, a percentage of customers could be convinced to upgrade…the question is knowing who to ask.


Servisell provides that answer.

With Servisell, we’re able to spot the upgrade deals the moment they check in. Live data gives us a call-to-action that is better than anything we’ve ever seen.

- Chip Diggs, E-commerce Director, Seelye Auto Group

We play nice with the systems you're already using

Our integrations

All CRMs

Servisell seamlessly integrates with whichever CRM you’re already using, allowing you to choose which notifications you’re interested in, and where you want them to go
—and mute everything else.

Our DMS Partners

We are currently partnered with Dealertrack, Auto/Mate, and CDK, with more additions planned for the future. 

Servisell is giving us a huge head start in the development of our upgrade department. This new profit-center is making a big difference already, and
we’re just getting started.

- Ryan Abraham, General Manager,
Betten Baker Auto Group

we thought you might ask


More new car sales and happier customers! Most companies promise this, but Servisell is the only resource available that instantly identifies the key upgrade data-points necessary to provide service customers with accurate and timely upgrade advice. This allows your salespeople to focus on your “most-likely-to-upgrade” customers while they are in-store.

Data mining software mines data that you have accumulated over time on customers that you have previously sold vehicles to. While data mining does help you to identify potential upgrade customers, the data generated is old and outdated, which can lead to inconsistencies in actual customer data and leaves gaps on conquest customers. Servisell instantly provides you with live, up-to-date data which includes: credit quality, vehicle equity, interest rate disparity and auto loan maturity on all customers including conquest customers. All of this data is provided in real-time, which allows you to engage the customer while they are still in the store or to put deals together before they get there.

Data mining tools can certainly be useful, and no doubt, you’ve become familiar with the data mining product you’re using and it’s helping you make sales. But, because these programs provide data on previous customers, you’re getting old data and data with gaps… and it’s causing you to miss sales. 

Most dealers using data mining have experienced the embarrassing situation of bringing your service customer out for a test drive, having them fall in love with a vehicle….but then having to tell them they don’t qualify for the financing you thought they did because the FICO your data mining tool gave you is now outdated, and since then, their score dropped. This won’t happen with Servisell. Our data matches perfectly with the customer’s full and current credit report.

Absolutely! Servisell is designed to give you all the data you need to identify and target all “most-likely-to-upgrade” customers from your service drive—both existing and conquest customers.

If you are already a 700 Credit customer, 3 days. If you are not a 700 Credit customer, 5-7 days. It’s that easy.

Currently, we partner with CDK, Dealertrack, and Auto/Mate.

Servisell only needs 5 points of data from the DMS, all of which come from your repair orders (R.O.s): your customer’s 1. name, 2. address, 3. email address, 4. vehicle VIN, and 5. Vehicle Mileage. That’s it!

No. Servisell does not store your data or resell it. The data resides on the website for 30 days and then falls off.

Yes, Servisell integrates with all CRMs.

Yes, definitely. As soon as your service writer generates a new R.O., Servisell gets to work, identifying key upgrade data points and providing your team analysis of exactly who to talk to.

Servisell is proud to be the most economical service conversion resource available. By keeping your acquisition costs down and new unit sales high, Servisell offers dealerships an average cost-per-acquisition (CPA) of under $300. When dealer auction fee savings are included, the average CPA on new units sold is often negative. Please contact us for more detailed pricing specific to your dealership.

The number of dealership personnel devoted to Servisell depends on the activity in your service drive and also on how you set up the system. We’ve found that some dealerships integrate Servisell into the personnel structure they already have, while others allocate staff specifically to handle the influx of incoming sales from our platform.

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